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Wed. Sept. 16th 08.

Got a letter from Julie this morning saying

she would be here next Monday until

Wednesday, so we can all discuss our dresses,

& hair. She [..] us a bit about

[Walter Johneson's] having been up to see us.

Margaret [Kerr] + Frances came down to

see us this morning, + later [Bunnie] came,

and soon Minnie. The girls were very

much interested in our [Bars Rocks ...]

Next up to the club early for the [tennis or dinner] -

much began to day. I ran up against

Margaret [Kerr] first, + she beat me. E

was also beaten by Miss [Bunee] of

[Poughkeepsie]. Next up to the drug store

in the evening about 9:30 + while there

Cornelia + [Walter] came in. They had

been to our house + Marg told them

we were up at the drug store.