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Thurs. Sept. 17th

Margaret and I went down to the tailors

early then called on Miss Carrie who

is spending the night at Miss Morrisou's.

Next to the club in the afternoon but E

didn't go, as she didn't feel well. Marge + I

walked home. In the evening [Ashes] +

[Ellie] came down for bridge.

Fri. Sept 18th

Marge + I took a drive this morning but

had to get home early as I had to play [tennis]

at twelve o'clock. [Mr. Liningoton] + I against

Miss [Liningoton] + Mr. [Toromund], + were

beaten, but we had fune sets and lots of

fun. I thoroughly enjoy playing against

awfully good players even though beaten.

Was simply a [rag] when I finished so

took the car home, got a bite to eat, not

having had any luncheon, and after

getting a bath + fresh [shockes], went up