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Falls. Left rather early + walked home.

Next up to [Brinnie's] in the evening + later

[Niel] came + we played bridge.

Mon. Sept. 21st

E phoned to Frances this morning, + France

told her that a message had come that

morning from East [Orange] saying Margaret

[Kerr's] mother had died very suddenly early

this morning. Margaret + Mrs. Allan had

gone right down. Poor Margaret: if she only

could have been home. I do feel so sorry for

them all, especially Mr. [Kerr] + Lila. Next to

the dressmaker's in the afternoon + earlier went

up to the club to see Helen play her finals

against Miss [Bunnee]. I had to leave before

it was over, + soon after i got home Julie

arrived. &then Marge + E got home, we all

[rattled] away, [die] evening wedding plans

[ete]. + in the evening all four went down

to Miss [Bunnetts] + later came home +