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had a grand old talk, principally about

[Baso Ruishe ele].

Tues Sept 22nd

Julie + I went up to [Bunnie's] this a we

+ latir Margaret joined us. About eleven

E phoned + we all met at Third +

Liberty, + aftir dropping Marge + Julie at

the dress makers, E + I went up to see

Frances for a while. After lunch Julie

+ I stood Marge + E in bridge + came

out just eight points ahead. Later we all

went up to the club, + Evelyn + Julie

played tennis against E + Marge. Marge

+ I walked home, but E + Julie took the 

[tweley]. Niel [Belhuap] came in in the

evening, + we all talked over the plans

for the wedding [w...]. The account

of Mrs. [Kerr's] [d...], Niel thinks they will

not be able to have it, + of course E + I

are only too delighted to have it here