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but we will know surely in a day or


Wed. Sept. 23rd

All made a hustle this morning for the

8:45 ferry for Miss Keley's to try on the

shape of our hats [ete]. Bessie + Cornelia

joined us later over there, + we have

now all decided on pink hats. Got home

from [Liehhiel] about eleven, + Bunny look

us up to show us through her new house

+ it is a daudy. Later while Julie + E

went to Miss [Bunnnett's], Marge + I

slipped at the [Whitehill's] + got a puzzle

called "The. Song of the Lark", and after

lunch we all got together + did it, but we

were almost crazy. Julie left for [l...]

on the 8:08 boat + Marge took the 5:13

home for [Washingtonville]. How we did hate

to have them go, for we've all had much

fun together.