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Thurs. Sept. 24th

This morning E + I were both so elated

for she got a letter from [Walter] Johnson

thanking her for the Bass Roche map.

[...], + I got a daudy note from Mr.

[Deckker], just the nicest possible. Next

down to be fitted before lunch, then in

the afternoon, went up and helped Bunny

stamp + seal her letters, I mean [irritatious].

When we got home, we found Will had

been in, + it is practically decided to

have the [...] here, so now it's up to

us to hustle.

Friday. Sept 25th

[House]-cleaned Father's room this morning

+ such a job. We were both tired out

when it was time to get dressed for Mrs.

[Lawson's], who gave a [h...] shower for

Cornelia this afternoon, + Cornelia didn't

know a thing about it, but thought it