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was simply to be a tea. When all these

bundles were showered on her, she looked

a [t...] bewildered at first. Each package

had a verse on it, + they created great fun.

Aftir this, we played a rather novel game, +

ended up with ice cream, cake, + coffee. In

the evening [Walter] + Cornelia brought Aunt

[Eurchia] down in the machine, + then they

went on down to the Prof [...] to mail

their invitations. Aunt [Eurchia] left

quite early, but [Walter] + Cornelia came

back quite late + were here until about

quarter of eleven.

Sat. Sept. 26th

Another good job accomplished this morning.

My room was thoroughly cleaned + as we

had to go to Miss [Bunnett's] late in the

morning it was a grand hustle. Bunny

came blown about eveven + went with us.

In the afternoon I watched until after