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has [...] enough not to tell Mr. [Deckler]

anything silly about me. E + I went to

church + afterwards. walked up to

[Chiston] Street, but it was too hot to go any

farther. Was so sleepy at Sunday School time

I could hardly keep my eyes open, but had

to go as I haven't been before this Fall. Father

+ I took a short walk to night + just

as we got home [Walter] + Cornelia came up

in the machine + didn't get out.

Mon. Sept. 29th

E + I started for N.Y. This morning on

the 7:15 [Custral]. Fanny [Uriel] + [Nan] +

Prely Roe were on the ferry + we talked

with them off + on, all the way to N.Y.

We are having our first rain to day

since Decoration Day. Stared from the

house with umbrellas but the sun was

out when we watched the ferry so

went then home by Father. And that's