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the way the weather has been all day,

first a shower, then [a...], so we were

very fortunate, + didn't need umbrellas.

First went to Barrett, Nephews to see

about having E's [...] dyed black. Then

walked down Fifth Ave to 28th St. and

went to [Slagugers] to see if they would

re-string my racquet, as it had broken

three times this summer. Got hold of a

very polite clerk, an Englishman, + he said

they would restring it for me, and when I

told them they had never [s...] my care

back, they said they would look it up,

+ if they couldn't find it, would ive me

another. From there we went to [Steves]

+ purchased white gloves, also bought

our satin slippers at Alexander's, our

silk stockings at Lord + Taylors, besides

hunting all over the City for [...]

+ a travelling bag filled with [t...]

[a...]; wedding presents for Bunnie