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We took the line while it was pouring, to

rush from Lord + Taylor's up to [Hudnnel's]

for soda, + then started for Salvatore de

Phillipse "Little Glove Shop". E had

the number down 3223 11th St, so we

took a 14th St. cross town + finally when

we got over almost to the [river] we

found the numbers only in the [500 or 300].

So I asked the conductor if he thought

there was any such number, but he said

he didn't think so, so we got off the car

 + I asked for 11th St. Finally we came

to Jane St., Bank St [...] and didn't

know where we were at, so finally we

asked a woman + she told us to keep

on going + we'd finally reach 11th St.

E was  ready to turn around + not

bother, but I was determined to go on

so finally we came to a Post office

+ after great effort found the number

to be 323 11th Street, so we proceeded