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Tues. Sept. 29th

Started in bright + early on the parlor

this morning + it took Annie, E + I

until after three to clean it + hang the

new curtains. Got a letter from Julie

+ one from Anna in the afternoon

mail + they have both gotten me so

excited about Mr. [Deckler] that I can

hardly wait to see them tomorrow.

E + I drove up to the [Burtow's] about four

to a musicale at which Mr. [Burt] sang.

Florence Burton has been visiting the

[Burtows] since last Friday, + yesterday

afternoon she was visiting, + her pony ran

away, + in going around a curve, an

old farmer's wagon was on the left side

of the road, + she collided with it, as I

understand it, + bruised her knee very

badly so she was sitting with her

foot up + going around on crutches.

I couldn't remember whether I had even