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met her before or not, but I sat with her

most of the afternoon + think she is

wonderfully attractive. She did look

perfectly stunning this afternoon in a

beautiful robin's egg blue dress with

lavender [haress] scarf. Mr. Burt sang

beautifully, as well as I've ever heard him.

After the musicale, tea + chocolate, [ete]

were served. Within [...] the [Burtores]

house is one of the most beautiful I've

ever seen, + their way of entertaining,

most fascinating. Got home about 6:30

but Father didn't [...] [frome ... Paely']

until after eight. A [monument] was

unveiled there to-day to the twelve old


Wed. Sept. 30th

Julie and Anna [Dowald] came up form

[clesining] this morning + went directly

to Miss [Bunnett's] for a fitting for Julie's