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dress. We were to meet them there about

half past ten but we were delayed a little

so just as we reached the dress makers

they were coming out. They came [...]

with us + we had a fine morning

together. We were crazy to have them stay

to lunch with us but they found they

could make fine [connections] house at

noon, so thought they ought not to stay.

Anna + Julie told us all about Charlie

[Deckler] + what had taken place over

Sunday. I'll be they teased Mr. [Deckler] +

he probably thinks I'm crazy about him.

When the girls had to depart, we went

down to the ferry with them, + then did

some shopping. In the afternoon about

four, E + I wen tup to [Bakerville] to see

Maude. She looks quite well considering

what she has been through and expects

now to be able to go to the wedding. She

walked down as far as the club coming