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what time the luncheon was, so we

started a little after one, [hurring] we

were to take for one, + too early for one

thirty. The latter was the hour, so we

were only a little early. Never have I

been to a more elaborate or delicious

luncheon. The table was beautiful, the

only light being candle light, softened

wit pink shades. The [custen] of the 

table was a wedding bell of some kind

[lauhed] by [...] and [carnatious]. A

wide pink satin ribbon stretched

[dis...] across the table ending at

Cornelia's place in a big blow and a

little doll dressed as a bride. At everyone's

place were fancy boxes + baskets

filled with candy + [...]. The luncheon

was most elaborate and everything

perfect. First we all stood and drank

Cornelia's health, + then indulged in

all the good things to come. We were