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at the table until almost four, and by

that time we were hardly able to walk.

Marge had to go to Miss [Bunnett's] about

quarter past, so after Anne [...],

we three [hustled] off, I going home first

to pack her bag, + planning to meet E

+ Marge at the dressmakers, which I

did. We were so disappointed not to

have her spend the night with us, but

she felt she ought to go back to Washington-


Fri. Oct. 2nd

E + I got the dining room ready for

Annie to clean this morning and then

went down to the dressmaker's. E's dress

is about done + she looks dear in it.

In the afternoon Bunny, E + I went

down town to do some errands and then

came home here to open a present

which had come. Bunny had to go home