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Sat. Oct. 3rd

Nothing particular happened to day. Bunny

came down fora  few minutes on her

way to see [Abedoy] about [...]. E + I

played two sets of tennis this afternoon.

Met [Morris] Davidson at the club, + liked

him very much. Minnie, E, + I walked


Sun. Oct. 4th

Our loves from the Little Glove Shop

came this morning + were fine. Also a

letter from [Sterve] about Bunny's bag

+ a silly [p...] from Julie to E, making

her happy. E is going to N.Y. to morrow

+ will order our wedding presents. E +

I went to church this morning + later

took a walk with Helen, Mrs. [Kerr] +

Minnie. Next to Sunday School this

afternoon + when we came home

found Helen here. I walked home