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with her + went in for a few minutes.

John was there + although Mrs. [Kerr]

urged me to stay to supper I declined.

[Dey] came down in the evening, + later

[Walter] + Bunny  about ten, [Will] came


Mon. Oct. 5th

E went to N.Y. on the 7:15 [Custral] this

morning + Father went on the 9:40.

About ten a telegram came from E

saying she was going to spend the night

but would be home early, the next day.

Cornelia + I went down town this

morning + also opened wedding

presents, then I went up to her house

for lunch, stopping at Maude's on

the way up. In the afternoon we

went up to her new house + found

[Walter] there + went form [garret] to cellar.

Later came down to our house +