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I did numerous things while Bunny

wrote notes. In the evening "Girls" was

given at the Academy + Helen + I were

crazy to go but Father didn't want to go

so we invited [Minnie] to go. Still, we

were certainly relieved no man was

with us, for it would have been most

embarassing. Coming home we were all

kind of silly + the first thing I knew, I

heard a man's voice saying "Pardon

me, madame, but I think you dropped

something" + handed me something +

it was a hair [puff]. I knew it wasn't

mine for mine grow on my head, so

after saying "It's not mine," [Minnie]

made a dive for her hair + discovered

it was her's. This [capped] the [chivay]

+ by the time we reached our house

we were [c...].