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all come here. E + I did some errands

with the house after lunch, + E also went up

+ brought some things home from there.

Helen came down in the afternoon + later

[Minnie]. Just as [Minnie] was leaving

Cousin Helen + Elizabeth came in. After

Helen left we took them up to show them

the presents.

Thurs. Oct. 8th

Here home all morning, + in the

afternoon, Bunny came down + we

three went down to [Paffendorf's] to look

at a tea table + sewing table. [Will Walker]

+ Aunt [Jean] are going to give her which

ever she wants. After doing some other

errands + indulging in ice cream, we

went up to 246 Grand and found

[Walter] there, so looked around at the

[i...] + new presents, + then

when we started home about six