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[Walter] went over to the Garage + got

his machine + took us all home. In

the evening the plan was to bring a

[load] drum from the [Aldue] in the

machine to night, so a little after

seven [Walter] brought Mrs. [Whitehill]

+ [Eeffie] down, + while they saw the

things [here], E went up with [Walter] to

help bring down a load. And a load

it was for sure! Father's room you

could hardly turn in, + very soon

we must get the ladder up to put

things on. Later we all went down

in the front office hall + unpacked

a big barrel with a dozen cut glass

finger bowls, + a dozen grape fruit

glasses from Mrs. Barclay + Mr. + Mrs.

Jack Rose. They were exquisite. The lamp

we gave Bunny came to day, and she

seemed delighted with it.