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Lawson, all came down to night to

see the tings. The "Hot Apple" club are

giving [Walter] a dinner at Lodge's to-night

+ I [el] but they are having a fine old


Sat. Oct. 10th

Here home all morning + Bunny +

[Walter] were here practically all the time.

Cousin Helen + Elizabeth came in, + later

[Gene] + Will. At noon, while we were

down in the lower hall, Margaret +

[Eevelina] blew in, having just arrived

from New York. Uncle [Emanuel] came

over later. In the afternoon Aunt

[Jeannie], Uncle [Emanuel] + the girls came

over, + about half past three all went

up to see Cornelia's things. They are

lovely, her dresses the sweetest ones I

ever seen. Maude was there too, +

later, Marge, [Eevelina], Maude, E + I went