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up to the club, + about five thirty, the four

[Deyo's] + Frances walked home. a whole

bunch from the Whitehill's came down in

the evening + we were about dead when

they all left. It was raining a little

when they all went. I think I could tell

all the wedding presents + who gave

them in my sleep, I've gone over them so


Sun. Oct. 11th

[Evelenia] and Margaret went to church with

us this morning, and afterwards we took

a walk up around the [...]. All

they [Deyos] came to dinner with us, +

after dinner we had some music until

I had to depart for Sunday School.

About 4:30, Marge, [Eevelina], E + I walked

up around the [B... line] and we

were ready for a comfortable chair

when we got home. [Eevelina] + Marge