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girls + then went down town shopping.

Marge + [Eevelina] came back here until

lunch time, then came over again early

in the afternoon. E + I are almost dead

this afternoon and can scarcely get

around. [Believers] [...] of charming

people presents, we four girls played

the game of drawing a [pickire] + then

writing a verse. So many interruptions

came during the afternoon + it certainly

was very tiring to show the presents +

tell whom they were from. Aunt Nellie +

Tracy arrived about six and expected

to go to the Hotel but we persuaded them

to spend the night here, + get into the

wedding "[swim]," so they did. Early

in the evening the [Deyos] came over,

also Julie who arrived to night. A

bunch of the [Whitehills] came down