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and we put in another evening of

showing the presents. I saw Marge,

[Eerlina], Edith + Julie, one by one

disappear, + finally discovered them

in my room in various stages of

exhaustion. We'll certainly we five

looking [much] by Wednesday.

Tues. Oct. 13th

Bunny + [Walter] came down here about

half past nine + as all the bridesmaids

were going over to Miss [Kelleys] to try

on our hats, [Walter] said he'd take

us all down ot the ferry in the machine.

He went over to the hotel + got Julie

and Margaret + caugt the 9:50.

Spent the whole morning at Miss

[Keley's] as it was the first time we

had seen the hats + each one had

to be fitted. They are dear, all just

alike, except mine has pink satin