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ribbons tied under my chin, or rather

to one side. They are all made of pink

ottoman silk, brimmed with pink baby

ostrich feathers and big pink crush

bows. Got home about one, and then

in the afternoon the girls amde us

promise to come over to the hotel +

rest, for when we are home ehre we

have no rest at all, so E went down

to Mrs. Chambers early + I went over to

the Hotel. Later E came + we put in

a fine, easy afternoon. Came home

early to dress, as our dining room table

had been removed to the piazza, and

Cousin Helen had asked us to come

in to dinner with them. We did have

such a good time + Father was

the life of the party, cracking jokes

during the entire meal. About eight

o'clock we came home and found

Uncle Bernard, Mary, [M...], + Uncle