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[Dom] all here. A lot of people came

here for a last glimpse of the presents

before to morrow, and at nine, the bridal

party started up for the rehersal. There

was a great delay, before we finally

began + then we went through over

procession twice, the first time doing

it awfully, but the second time quite

well. I guess I have made the Smiths'

+ [Whitehills] mad, but I wanted to

come out alone, for George Smith is so

tall + I so short, it would look silly.

The bridesmaids also came out together

+ the families of the ushers seemed

very much provoked. That's the trouble

with having them all married. If I'm

ever married I don't intend to have

a lot of people watching the rehersal

and giving advice. Isabelle came

to night + I was quite agruably suprised.

She hasn't gone off so much in looks as