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I expected, but she looks pretty gay.

Wed. Oct. 14th

Well, the reat day has danwed, bright +

clear. People came in this morning very

early, for one reason or another. [Archer]

came down to leave some of [Walter's]

things, + Cousin Helen + Elizabeth came

in + helped us in many ways. Aunt

Jeannie, Aunt Nellie, + all the four

girls came over during the morning.

About ten thirty, E was so used [up] that

they insisted [...] her going over to

the hotel to rest. She were going to take

lunch there anyway so she went over

+ about twelve I went over. Mrs. Marsh

+ Miss Abby came at noon, also Cousin

Lizzie, Cousin [Walter] + Charley. We had

[more] fun at luncheon. The family

was so large, that we divided up,

+ Marge, [Eevelina], E + I eat at one