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table together. We got in perfect

convulsions, + our waiter had to retire

several times to keep his face straight.

After luncheon we all went in the

reading room for an hour, + then

E + I had to go home as the decorators

had begun. We found the rooms

beautifully decorated + everything in

full swing with awning [mess], [edteres]

+ decorations. [...] [bougsets] of mauve

pink chrysanthemums, arrived +

they were perfect. About four we

started to dress + Cornelia arrived to

dress too. Marge dressed here too + we

all had more fun. The bridesmaids'

dresses were [pompadores] chiffon

trimmed with [m...] + my dress,

the maid-of-honor, was pink chiffon [crepe].

The dresses were lovely. Miss [Me Dowell]

was to come to dress Cornelia at 5:15

+ never put in an appearance until