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twenty minutes of six. To be sure she

only had to put on her dress and veil

but it made us about ten minutes

late. All the bridesmaids met here +

started about five minutes before Bunny

[Will] + I. Everyone said the church

looked beautiful but I never saw

one sprig. The church was packed

and the whole wedding went off finely.

The bridesmaids' hats were so big

that two couldn't come out of the

chapel door together. Cornelia looked

sweet, + didn't seem a bit nervous.

Julie + I came home from the church

together + arrived just a minute or

two after [Walter] + Bunny. Then we all

had to stand in line while everyone

congratulated the bride + groom +

came on [dorm] the time. Chester came

up from N.Y. for the wedding and

seemed to have a fine time. Later