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the bridal party + a few others all

went down stairs + had supper in

the front office. The three brides who

have been married from this house

all sat together, Aunt [Eevelina], Aunt

Nellie + Cornelia. After supper Bunny

+ [Walter] went up to dress, and we

all went up to help her. She gave us

each our "charmed" garter which we

all have to wear for a year. Then

she was ready to go, we all went down

stairs to shower her with confetti +

also catch her bouquet, but we

couldn't get near when she threw

it, so [Bert Whitehill] caught it. She +

[Walter] tore down stairs amid a

shower of confetti, + dashed away

by [aunts], not theirs however, for [Walter]

thought someone would do some

funny business + so met his machine

up on Broadway. After the left we