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had the rugs pushed back, + we

danced but I was simply dead. [Chester]

+ I sat for a long while out in the hall

talking until practically everyone had

gone. Our house is a sight!!! But

what fun it has been, and all over in

such a short time. Bunny gave us all

beautiful silver belt buckles, with our

initials on the back.

Thurs. Oct. 15th

A typical "day after." Our house looked

as if a cyclone had struck it, and each

room had to be swept about four times.

Aunt Jeannie, Uncle [Eemmuel], Marge + [Eeve],

+ [Chester] went down on the 9:4- but

Julie + Conelia both came over to the

house + were here until eleven, when

Cornelia went to [], and Julie

to [Prughhupsie]. All the Boston people

came over during the morning, also