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Gene + [WIll]. The packers were at work

upstairs + [Will] + I packed all their

silver to the taken to the bank. We

spent the entire day until five, trying

to bring order out of chaose, + then E +

I went over to the hotel. When we arrived

Cousin Lizzie said we must take our

hats off + stay to dinner, + to phone for

Father too, so we did, and had a fine

time. Came over to our house later +

had some music, + later [Hriel] [Beehuafo]

came in + asked us to come in and

see them for a while.

Fri. Oct. 16th

E + I went over to Miss [Kelley's] early this

morning to get hats as we hadn't had

a minute before. Got home just in time

to have luncheon, + then Father took

the Boston people + E + me over on

[Beacon] + [Friskkiel] village. It was very