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tickets for [Will] + Edith who were coming

down on the 1:25. We managed to get

the tickets and met them when they

reached the [Print]. It was so warm that

a [wal] was unbearable, + we sat

through the entire game, simply too hot

for words. It was no more a good foot-

ball day than an August one would

have been. The first half was pretty slow,

0-0, but the second half the play was a

little more snappy + ended in a score

6-0 in favor of Yale. Saw lots of people

we knew, + one of the first people I

beheld was Mr. [Steleman], one of the

Bass Rocks [...]. And Edith saw Mr. Hyde,

both [l...]. Kenneth Cameron + Lulu

seem to be again best of friends + I

bet he wins out yet. Got home from the

game quite early and in teh evening

the Jenneys came over + [the] all

played hearts.