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Sun. Oct. 18th

Cousin [Walter] + Charlie left for Boston

about noon, + were here until train time.

Cousin Lizzie is going to be here with us

for a few days. E + I went to Sunday

School + afterwards came home and got

Cousin Lizzie and went up to call on

Mrs. Allan + Frances. Found [fountain],

[...] + Alice there.

Mon. Oct. 19th

Went down to the [Planing Mills] this A.M.

also down town shopping. In the afternoon

E took Cousin Lizzie for a drive but the

day wasn't very pleasant so they didn't

stay long. Gene came in in the evening

to say good-by as he starts to-night for

[Syracuse]. Finally he got us to go in to

112 + while E + I sewe], Gene + Cousin

Lizzie stood [Will] + Cousin Helen in

bridge, until Gene had to go, then