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E + I took a hand.

Tues. Oct. 20th

We were doing up [pickle] this morning

which occupied all our time. In the

afternoon E + Cousin Lizzie went up to

call on Aunt [Eevelina] + later I met

them on the four o'clock car for the

club. Had afternooon tea up stairs +

Minnnie joined us. Frances + [Marion]

drove in but we didn't see them. In

the evening Cousin Helen came in for

a game of bridge.

Wed. Oct. 21st

Cousin Lizzie left for New York this

monring, + Edith went to [T...] with

Mr. + Mrs. George [Weller] in their Buick

so I was left alone. Sewed most of the

morning, then in the afternoon went

up to see Maude, + later we walked to