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the club. [Marion] + Frances were there

also Maude Beal + Rhetta. Had tea later.

E got home from [T...] about four, after

a perfect "[run]."

Thurs. Oct. 22nd

This morning E + I donned our wedding

gowns + took snap shots of each other

+ I'm crazy to see how they'll come out,

but I'll bet they'll be funny. Later went

up to the [Whitehills'] to try the jig-saw. At

first it is so hard to get used to, but soon we

caught on. Early in the afternoon E went

up again and finished "jigging" the

[pick...]. Father + I drove out to Little

[Britian] this afternoon + had a fine drive.

In the evening E + I put the puzzle

together. E had a long letter from

Margaret to-day.