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Fri. Oct. 23rd

Later [Sruff] + [Maisie] came in for a few

minutes this morning, + we expect now

that [Maisie] will come in to visit us

about the middle of next week for a

few days, but as Father, E + I are going

to New York [...] [night], she is coming

back later to finish her visit. Father went

to N.Y. on the 9:40 and Frances and

[Marion] came down to lunch. They were

here until about four, then as they were

going up to the [A...], we walked up as

far as the club with them. No one was

there, but just as E  I were going home

Helen came, so we three walked home.

Stopped in Helen's to see her new [suit],

old [rose], new hat, waist [rli]. They are

perfectly beautiful. [Rhetta] had asked

us if E + I would fill in to-night at

a bridge party at their house, a birthday

party for Mr. Chadwick, I believe. We