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[...igged] up and arrived there about 8:30 and

found a bunch of people. We had lots of fun

at our table, Virginia [Atwood], Lucy Sweet, Mr.

[Chalkin] + myself, but poor E was stuck at

a frightfully stupid table. We drank Mr.

Chadwick's health in champagne and had

a very merry time after our four [rubbers].

Got home about half past one.

Sat. Oct. 24th

I went up to a special Day Nursery [mucking]

this morning, but E was too busy to go. In

the afternoon we walked up to the club but

found it pretty stupid. E played bridge

with the [Willards] + Rhetta, + came home

in the M's auto, + Frances, Helen, [Ester]

+ I walked home. Next in the [B...]

with our work in the evening.

Sun. Oct. 25th

This is my twenty-fourth birthday, and I