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just wish I could stay this age for

several years. E + I went to church, then

took a walk afterwards + Mrs. Graham

asked Elizabeth, E + me to come down

+ see her new house. It is perfectly

beautiful + so artistically furnished. I

had always thought of the house as being

very gloomy, but nothing suggests gloom

now. Aunt [Eevelina] + Aunt Jean took

dinner with us, but it didn't seem natural

without Bunny. [Deyo] came in early in

the afternoon + brought us his new picture

which is very good. E + I went to Sunday

School, + afterwards Father, Elizabeth, Miss

[Straw], Miss Gussie, [Will], + the children

and myself went down to see the

[wreck] of the "[New York]." [Here] almost

[melted] when we got home. [Peree] came

down to call in the evening.