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Mon. Oct. 26th

E + I thoroughly enjoyed to-day, as it was

raining and rain is such a novelty. Next

up to Maude's in the afternoon and [...]

was there and we played bridge, and also

[c...] a scheme for a card club of

about thirty, to meet every other Saturday night

during the winter at the girls' houses.

Tues. Oct. 27th

Rained again this morning, so Edith and

I stayed home. Dr. [Wrister] and an engineer,

Mr. Cole came to lunch with Father, and

Mr. Cole was very amusing and was a

fine story teller. [Maisie] called on us later

in the afternoon and after she left we

went up to Helen's + Frances came, +

while we were having afternoon tea

we planned to give a dinner at

[Powelton] before the dance [H...]

[Will] came in in the evening, but I