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had to go to the G.F.S. and as I didn't

[whirse] until after ten, [Will] had gone. We

read in this morning's paper of the

death of Marie Marron's father yesterday.

Marie was married at noon and her

father died at six o'clock. We also read

of Charlie [Slibbius] wife shooting herself,

and [Will] [Belhuap] later, told us of the

sudden death of Dr. [Henry Urioel], a

regular day of tragedy.

Wed. Oct 28th

The prints of our bridesmaids' pictures

came this morning and they are awful. We

were home all morning on account of

rain but in the afternoon took our

[serving] up to [...], + had afternoon tea.

Their new apartment is dear, and they

like it every so much. Percival came

down to call in the evening, and to

tell us that he can't come to the dinner