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Saturday night as he has business in

the city.

Thurs. Oct. 29th

Next to the dressmakers early, then E

went to a meeting of her committee for

the Cantata of [...a]. Lucy Sweet and

I have to get the chorus of eighteen

voices. E + I walked to the club about

three and Helen + [Mallby] arrived and

soon [France]. We four girls played bridge

and then walked home. It was as dark

as pitch, + later [Mallby] + Jeoffrey joined

us. [Mallby] called on us to-night and

invited us to go up to the club tomorrow

night as he was giving a party for his

cousin, Miss [Mallby]. Got a letter form

Uncle [Emmenel] to-day, saying they

surely expected all three of us down

Election night, + I can hardly wait,

as I've never been before.