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Fri. Oct. 30th

Edith got a letter form Harry [Mc Lean]

this morning wit four admission tickets

for the West-Point-Princeton game.

E + I walked out to [Crawshaw's] this

morning and it was simply freezing

and the wind blowing like fury. [Next]

in Cousin Helen's after brunch, the later

called on Mrs. [Heller], + ended up at

Helen's. Frances was also there and we

had an awful time arranging for our

dinner as so many couldn't come.

In the evening we all went up to the

club to [Mallby's] [booking] party. [Will], Tom,

[Ashes], [Clive], Helen, Frances, E + I were

invited + we had a very good time.

After refreshments we danced, + came

down on the last car.