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Sat. Oct. 31st

This has been a very [st...] day. E

and I did numerous errands down

town, then after coming home and

making boiled icing, we dressed for the

foot-ball game. It has been so mild

that I hadn't sent to New York for my

fur coat, so as it was freezing cold to-day,

I borrowed Helen's fur lined one, and I

was mighty glad I had. We went down

on the 1:20, Father, E, + I, and before the

game, saw a lot of people we knew.

Saw Ed [Beckuaf] for a while, he had a

seat inside the [ropes], on the line.

Saw after the game, and he

looked [a...] [c...]. The game

was [c...] and there was great

excitement after the game as it ended

in a tie. The cadets were wild and did

their usual [stunt] around the flag,

of forming the letter A, and then at