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a signal, rushing towards the flag.

Had an eye out for [Walter] Johnson but

didn't see him. Got home from the game

at six and then got dressed for the

dinner at 7:30. There were thirteen

of us, Frances, Helen, [Clive], Miss [Mallby],

E, [Mallby], John, [A...], [Ashes], Tom, Jeoffrey,

[Walter] [Will] + myself. The table looked

so pretty all lighted with candles and

Jack-o-lanterns at each place + in

the [...]. Had the best dinner and

lots of fin. Came down stairs later to

the dance, but I suppose because I

had been doing so much, I was completely

used up, + had to stop dancing before

eleven o'clock + sit out my dance. I've

never given out at a dance before.

Sun. Nov. 1st

Although I was just about sick with

a cold, I went to church this morning