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as it was All Saints' Day. The flowers

and the service were beautiful, and I

was glad I went. Next in to see

Elizabeth for a few minutes before

dinner, + after dinner Cousin Helen

came in until Sunday School time.

My cold seems to have grown slightly

worse, so I went to bed soon after supper,

leaving E + Father to snooze over the

wood fire.

Mon. Nov 2nd

Two [mutings] came this morning, so

we divided forces, + I went to the [Altar]

'[Souity]' + E to the Day Nursery. I wasn't

able to drive up to the [Auntiry] this

afternoon on account of my cold, so

Frances went with E. I went up to use

the [Whitelhills'] jig-saw, + found Cornelia

+ [Walter] had returned from their

wedding trip this noon, so I went up to