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afternoon tea. Julie broke the news to us

that [Walter] Johnson + Charlie [Sexton]

would probably be around in the evening

and go out with us to hear the [...] as

they had spoken of it a few days ago.

Julie said she wished she could get

hold of Charlie [Dekler] too but didn't

know where to reach him. Just before

dinner Marge, E + I looked out of

Julie's windows and saw the [flack] on

the [W...] tower. About quarter

of eight Charlie came, + soon [Walter].

We all did puzzles on the dining room

talbe until about nine o'clock- then

we all started out, Margaret ahead

with Father, then Julie, Charlie, + me,

then E, [Walter] + [Eevelina]. We walked

from 47th St down to 34th and back

and never have I been in such a

jam. Every second you were showered

with confetti, flour, cow-bells sung in