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your ears, [ticklers] [...] and everything had

to be laughted at. Saw one bad fight +

got in three [...] [crusher] so that at

our time I was walking backwards. Never

have I had so much fun, and it was

wonderful how well we kept together but

coming home, at 42nd street, we three

stopped to watch the [s...] at Times

Square, + so took the rest of the bunch,

so we didn't get home until quite a

while after the others. We finished the

puzzle + then Julie made a rabbit.

I hated to have [Walter] + Charlie go for it

will probably be some time before we

see them again.

Wed. Nov. 4th

Father had to leave on the 9:40 train

for home, but E + I stayed to do some

shopping. Marge + [Eevelina] went with