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us, and while in [Altenair], met [Adeline].

I [blew] the girls at [Riker's] new store, and

then [Eve] had to go home for a music

lesson. It began to rain about noon, so

Marge persuaded us to go back to lunch

with them. Cornelia, Eve, E + I were

the only ones there, as all the others

had engagements. Marge's new suit

is a beauty, silver gown, + most

becoming. Soon after lunch, E + I went

down town to finish our shopping, +

as I was delayed at [Al...] getting

my fur coat, we just caught the last

boat for the 4: o'clock train. Found

Percival [...] a seat for us. I

don't know when I've enjoyed two days

more, + then all said we must surely

come down next year too.