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Thurs. Nov. 12th

Down town this morning, then late this

afternoon went over ot see the [Curtises],

as we hadn't called since their Father

died. Saw both the girls and had such

a fine call. They certainly are fine. Percival

came down for a few minutes to night to

say he can't come to our first meeting of

our card club Saturday night, as Eve

arrives from England that day and he

has to meet her. Later E went up to Grace

[Bull's] to a meeting of the [s...] of

"[H...]" which we are going to give

Dec 2nd for the Day Nursery. Lucy Sweet

+ I have to get up the chorus.

Fri. Nov. 13th

Went down tonw this A.M., + went up to

Bunny's in the afternoon. [Walter] came

in about five, + they brought us home in